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    For three months, the narrator fled while fighting, constantly wandering on the edge of life and death. After being injured, I thought many times that it was better to die in battle than to be manipulated in the palm of my hand, but when I thought about that secret, I couldn't reconcile. That's when he realized that the road ahead was a dead end, and in search of opportunities, he still didn't look back.

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    The storyteller broke out in a cold sweat, suddenly turned around, and saw by the campfire an old man with white hair and a white beard, holding a grilled meat skewer in his right hand and a wine gourd in his left hand, eating and talking. drink happily.

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    While Yang Dawei was hesitating, the scholar asked: "Can't remember? Is it possible that the scar on your face has healed so you have forgotten the pain?"

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    The old man paid no attention to the storyteller and continued to chant: "In ancient prehistoric times, endless legends, twelve ancestral treasures, three teachings and nine streams maintained the inheritance, five ghost emperors did not care. " heaven and earth, and Yama of the ten temples that have not broken up, two demon gods ready to fight each other, guardian gods competing for mutual benefit, and twelve star fields looking for angels, East and West meet, and hell gather together. Unsolved mystery, who is the original sin?

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    The narrator felt that Ling Langya was innocent and innocent, so he couldn't help but become more interested in him. He rolled his eyes up and down a few times, suddenly had an idea, and said: "Little brother, I heard that this happened." Because you stole alcohol, I'm also addicted to alcohol like me, because you and I have the same hobbies, and this Qingfeng building is also restricted, I have a good idea, as long as you dare to come with me, it's a waste of work This hard work will be waived."

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    In other words, he's been here too.

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    The three Ling Langyas sat side by side on the roof, not afraid of being discovered in the dead of night, letting the moonlight shine on them. The wine barrel was half empty, three people were happily drinking wine, holding the ceramic bowl that A Phuc found. The first time A Phuc drank wine, he finally tasted the delicious taste of Tuy Thanh Phong. Every time he took a sip, he sighed deeply, his face turning as red as a red cloak.

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    On the seventh day of the ninth month, it was the birthday of Ning Xin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect, the sword saint. The Divine Sword Sect sent out invitations widely, inviting famous people in the world, or great powers, to come and celebrate his birthday. Even the nine major forces that had not surrendered to the Great Sword Sect, or the distant Xichuan Jinliumen, Majiazhuang and other forces had also sent invitations. Come, of course friends. If you don't come, after my birthday it will be love at first sight. Monk Yuanxiu from Fahua Temple and Zhan Tianya from Zhanjiabao were traveling together, the two met in a small town instead of making an appointment. Today, the two went together to the vicinity of Tiandang Mountain and rested in the gazebo. Monk Yuanxiu carries a handy shovel, a wine gourd around his waist, a blue monk's robe, and a pair of sandals. Zhan Tianya was carrying a knife and standing straight at Tsing Yi. Monk Yuan Xiu leaned the convenient shovel against the pillar in the gazebo, then sat down, took out the wine gourd and took a sip, praising: "Wonderful!" "Do you want to take a sip?" Immediately, monk Yuan Xiu asked Zhan Tianya for directions. “I have no interest in alcohol that stains your saliva.” Chien Thien Nhai flatly refused. “He really likes to be clean.” Monk Yuan Xiu rolled his eyes at Chien Thien Nhai, continued to drink alone, took out a package of dried meat from his chest, and ate it all in the blink of an eye. "I didn't expect you people from Chien Gia Bao would also come." Monk Nguyen Tu sucked his finger and said. “If you don't come, my Zhanjiabao will be razed.” Zhan Tianya sighed. Since the battle between Ning Xin and Zhan Tianqing, Zhan's family has been devastated. Now their brothers protect the family business and work hard. Although everyone is not afraid of death, but to prevent the family from being uprooted. So, after receiving an invitation from the Divine Sword Sect, Zhan Tianya came. "That's true. Except for our Phap Hoa Pagoda and Xuan Vien Palace, all sects and even royal courts around the world are in danger of being leveled by Ninh Tam." Monk Yuanxiu nodded, but then he said thoughtfully: "But the Demon Sword Sect did perish, this time I'm afraid it will perish." If the Divine Sword Sect were to perish, wouldn't our Chien family be able to rest in peace? Monk Yuanxiu glanced at Zhan Tianya, he knew some secrets, and also knew that the unknown Zhang Ning knew Zhan Tianya. Then he said: "Ninh Han was originally a disciple of my Phap Hoa Temple, then was captured by the magic knife and became a slave of the knife. Now he is in the human world, but his heel is on that knife. That magic knife is Mr. Unknown All.” Dao Sheng Ning Xin was born in Phap Hoa Temple. The news was explosive enough, Zhan Tianya wanted to strangle monk Yuanxiu to death when he heard the news. You monks, you raised a person who is both good and evil tyrannical people, still not cleaning up the chaos? But after hearing the second half of monk Yuan Xiu's sentence, Zhan Tianya was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said: "It's really fate." Monk Yuan Xiu knew some of Zhang Ning's secrets, and Zhan Tianya knows more. That day, all the experts went together to kill the Red Lotus Ghost King. If it weren't for Truong Ninh's help, everyone would have turned into bones. dry. No matter how strong Dao Sheng Ning Xin is, can he still surpass the unknown Zhang Ning, who can be compared to the four generals of Yin Division? The Chien family is in decline, Chien Thien Nha's mood is also the same. Not much better, but at this moment, he only felt that his stagnation was swept away and his spirit returned. "Give me a drink." Zhan Tianya greeted monk Yuanxiu. Monk Yuanxiu smiled and threw the wine gourd to Zhan Tianya. Zhan Tianya took a sip and said, "Have fun." The two rested for a while and continued on their way. Nope. Not long after, they entered Thien Dang City, the two of them representing the nine great powers ranked second, so they were both extremely distinguished guests, placed in a large and magnificent courtyard. But that had no meaning. much with the two of them. The masters of Zhanjiabao are always simple and do not have too high requirements for the living environment. It does not matter whether it is a cottage or a villa. Not to mention the Yuanxiu monk, Mr. He was a monk. The two were first brought to the courtyard by the staff of the Divine Sword Sect, but then the monk Yuanxiu left. Led by the staff of the Divine Sword Sect, they arrived outside a hut. thatched hut. The thatched house is called "Mingxintang". Outside the thatched hut there is a big tree, the big tree is like a canopy that covers the sky and the sun, its branches are luxuriant. Under the tree, there is a monk in Tsing Yi is cleaning up dry leaves. This monk is none other than Master Yuanguang. “Junior brother, you are here.” Master Nguyen Quang cleaned up the fallen leaves, then invited monk Nguyen Tu to sit down in the cottage. He went to make another cup of delicious tea and gave it to Master Yuanxiu. Master Yuanxiu took a sip and said: "Xichuan's red heart tea is very delicious, but not as good as Sanxian tea." "There was an accident at Luming Mountain many years ago, both Lu Daxian and the Sanxian tea tree disappeared. I also haven't drank it for a long time, it's time to drink Tam Tien tea." Regarding this matter, Master Nguyen Quang also had some regrets. "Sister Lu is such a good person, and who made Sanxian tea such a delicious tea. If you let me know, I will definitely avenge Lu Daxian." Monk Yuanxiu scolded. There are rumors in the world that Immortal Lu was killed and Sanxian Tea was taken away. It's just that it's too far abroad, If not, Master Nguyen Tu must definitely investigate and avenge Luc Dai Tien. "Junior brother, have you seen Mr. Vo Danh?" After the two brothers chatted a few words, Master Nguyen Quang clasped his hands and asked. "I see. But I'm wondering why Mr. Vo Danh didn't come to the Divine Sword Sect. There must be something causing the delay. Anyway, Mr. Vo Danh will definitely go to the Divine Sword Sect to take away the magic "knife." Yuanxiu monk touched He touched his bald head and said. "That knife is absolutely not ordinary. Mr. Vo Minh will never abandon it." Master Nguyen Quang nodded, then stood up from the mattress, lifted the Buddhist rosary on his chest, turned to Thien Dang mountain and said: "Ning Xin, ten years of disaster, are you ready?" At the same time , Li Lele also appeared on Tiandang Mountain. Qinxian Li Lele, a key figure of the Divine Sword Sect, assisted Ning Xin in establishing the Divine Sword Sect from the beginning. However, although Li Lele was the deputy leader, he always appeared indifferent. Even the Divine Sword Sect sometimes couldn't find Li Lele. Now that the magic knife sect has such a big incident in Jianghu, Li Lele will naturally come back. Li Lele was still elegant, holding a black piano in his hand, wearing white clothes, with a handsome appearance, with just one step, he slowly climbed upwards, climbing mountains and ridges like riding clouds and fog . Not long after, Li Lele arrived at a thatched house. In front of the thatched hut, two disciples of the Sword Sect were guarding. After seeing Li Lele, the two disciples bowed and said, "Meet the deputy leader." "YES." Li Lele replied calmly, then walked in. Hut . The cottage is very empty, with windows and doors, and ordinary stone slabs underneath. In the middle there was a yellow cushion, Ninh Han sat cross-legged on the cushion, the source of everything, the magic knife, stood upright in Ninh Tam's right hand. Feeling Le Nhac Nhac's appearance, Ninh Han opened her eyes and calmly said: "I'm home." “Yes, I'm home.” Le Nhac Nhac nodded. Immediately, Le Nhac Nhac looked closely at Ninh Han. Ninh Han's expression was extremely calm, terrifyingly calm, her eyes were black and white, without any emotions. “We haven't seen each other for many years, you've changed.” Li Lele frowned after looking closely for a while. "Money, power, beauty. I gave up money, beauty, now I only care about power." Ninh Tam said. That year, Ning Xin was caught by a knife and almost fell into the path of evil spirits, carrying an endless sea of blood. It was Li Lele who relied on the sound of the piano to suppress and then proposed a protest. effective. Although Ninh Tam is still a sword slave, she is not a pure sword slave. After that, Ninh Tam founded the Divine Sword Sect, which had many women. Now Ning Xin doesn't care about money anymore, he has chased away many of his women. After a pleasant meeting and a pleasant farewell, a batch of money was distributed and they were allowed to leave. Ning Xin now only cares about rights. Be the lord of this generation. Ning Xin sits here, living only in a hut, with only a magic knife by her side. Because Ning Xin knows that beauty and money are things that come and go as they are called, and only the right is eternal. And Ninh Tam lives here, this is the most magnificent place. There is a proverb: "Use heaven and earth as a mansion, use stars, sun and moon as walls, and the galaxy as silk." The world is in my hands, what is the use of money and beauty? ? One hut is enough. Le Nhac Nhac also sat down cross-legged, looked at Ninh Tam's expressionless face, and sighed: "You have changed, become more pure, more dangerous. The knife cannot affect your mind anymore." . Now you are equal to the knife. The advantage is that you will no longer fall into the path of the devil and kill innocent people, the disadvantage is that your sword will become larger, and people will If you do not comply, you will be killed at the point of the sword. It will also kill countless people." "Okay, let me calm down, let me persevere." Ninh Tam nodded, then said: "What I have today is all thanks to you. If I had the world, I would share half with you." "I don't care about rights. Li Lele shrugged and said. The relationship between these two people is very strange. In the past, Li Lele just couldn't bear to turn the world into a sea of blood for no reason, so he Find a way to control Ning Xin. Li Lele is very good to Da Qi and Ning Xin. Now that Ning Xin is a heavenly fairy, there is no one around who can stand side by side with him. Li Lele has to share half of the world , but Li Lele doesn't care. In the eyes of outsiders, one of these two people is the captain, the other is the vice captain, but in reality, the two of them can be considered a pair of strange friends. That is one person friend. Le Nhac Nhac looked at Ninh Han's expressionless face and thought to herself. "In my heart, I only have power, so this birthday party is definitely not that simple. What are you going to do? " Li Lele asked. "I want to surrender the rivers and lakes, including Phap Hoa Temple and Xuan Vien Palace, then lead the people of the rivers and lakes to change the dynasty, be emperor for a few years, then kill Dai Te and ascend to heaven, soon. If I take over the world later, it's all in my hands." Ninh Tam stretched out his right hand, palm facing up, stretching out five clenched fingers. Ambition is a monster. Today's Ning Xin is not has a desire for power. But Ninh Han has such qualifications, because the knife in his right hand is rare in the world, hard to find in the sky. "Buzz buzz!!! " The magic knife trembled slightly, as if responding to Ninh Han. Le Nhac Nhac looked at Ninh Tam's face and said: "Now you definitely have such qualifications, abilities, and strength. Whether it's the world or the court, no one can stop you. But there is a hermit who must guard against it." ""No name?!!" Ninh Han's eyes flashed. "You should get the news." Li Lele nodded. "The story of Zhangshan Village has spread throughout the world. Everyone knows that the Zhang family has overseen the power of the Blood River Sect for thousands of years. Many people in the world respect Wuming." Ninh Xin nodded slightly. "But you don't respect him." Li Lele said. "That's right. Fellow Daoist, I won't let you go. If he doesn't come, it's okay with us. If he comes, I'll let him choose a good house, a precious feng shui place." I will send someone to sacrifice at four o'clock." Ninh Han's tone was still as calm as before, as if he was going to do something trivial. "Why are you so confident? " Li Lele frowned and asked. The two of them were strange friends, he only reminded them because he was worried, but at this moment Ninh Tam seemed a little crazy. "Because I have a magic element." Ninh Tam said. "Ma Nguyen? That's impossible, in this small world no one can cultivate Ma Yuan." Le Nhac Nhac's face changed dramatically, then his eyes flashed towards the knife in Ninh Tam's right hand. . Can the magic sword allow you to cultivate magic weapons? " "That's right." There are no secrets between the two of them, Ninh Han nodded, generously admitting. Then, he raised his eyebrows, revealing the aura that a peerless overlord should have. Ninh Han said: "In this small world, I am invincible." Regarding this point, Le Nhac Nhac also has to admit that, except for people outside the world, no one can be Ninh Han's opponent. And from the middle world to reach the small world is extremely difficult. Tianjimen is responsible for managing these and protecting the portal. You can't enter through the main gate, smuggling is another problem. But if you smuggle in, you will definitely have to pay a huge price. No one would sneak into a small world and compete with Ning Xin, right? "You are completely invincible. It seems I need to collect Wuming's body." Li Lele said. In fact, Li Lele didn't want to clean up Wuming, he respected Wuming. Members of the Zhang family have protected the world for more than a thousand years, he, Li Lele, can safely grow up and be known as Qin Xian. This can be considered a lucky thing for the Truong family. But he and Ning Xin are friends. If someone is bound to die, he will not attack, the strong will win. But now it seems Wuming is dead. This is a very helpless thing. “I haven't heard you play for a long time.” Ninh Tam suddenly said. “What song do you want to listen to?” It wasn't the first time Ly Nhac Nhac played the piano for Ninh Han and asked casually. “Kill the sound.” Ninh Han said. Li Lele shrugged, then put Heiqin on his lap, the piano sounded a ding-dong, but it was not a good sound, Yayue. It was a sound filled with murderous intent. On September 7, Ning Xin, the sword master of the Divine Sword Sect, wanted to rule the world. It was inevitable that he would kill countless people.

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    Ling Langya was worried about Hu Xu's safety, and without time to pay attention to the change in the pillar chain, he suddenly heard a loud and clear gibbon cry, and rushed straight from the depths of the ancient well. old, stretched and collided continuously in the space formed by the pillar chain.

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    There are no more than three stone steps.

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    "Tieu Nhi! Pour the wine!"

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    Everyone was surprised, what kind of courage was this, daring to face the knife without fear; What kind of eyesight can see through a long sword attack; At any time, you can hold the sword and fall;

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    The scarlet dress danced in the wind, and coldness shone on her face.

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    However, the burly man was already drunk and continued drinking, the scar on his face trembled slightly, and shouted loudly:

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    His eyes were red from crying, and his heart-wrenching scream echoed throughout the cave, causing an echo.

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    The letter was signed by Wang Shi, and contained the word "cool pen".

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    Wang Shi's figure became more and more unreal, as if he was about to disappear instantly. He suddenly clenched his stomach, took a breath and then exhaled again, and at the same time exhaled a stream of pure mysterious energy towards the beam of light, smashing straight into the scorching beam of light.

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    As for the exercises taught by the old Taoist, they are still hidden deep in their hearts and do not need to be revealed.

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    Ling Langya said: "However, I just went up and didn't find anything wrong."

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    Before the three of them's first attack succeeded, the old scholar saw this, and before moving, he raised the feather fan in his hand, activating the feather fan with profound energy. , and a majestic light flashed like Endless Light under the sky, following the fan The wind rose rapidly, the fiery light condensed into a beam, rushing straight into Wang Shi's face.

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    For many years, there was no one else here except two people and an ape. At this time, four strange guests arrived.

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    Zhang Ning has seen many strange people and encountered many strange things in his life. But there was one person who deeply impressed Zhang Ning. It also caused Zhang Ning to make some changes. This is a snake, a white snake. This white snake was suppressed under Kim Son Pagoda for many years, influenced by Buddhism, and after escaping poverty, she became the principal of an academy. In fact, she's always ready for a big fight. Although the turtle lives a long time, it still has its time. The snake rose up riding the mist, and finally turned into ashes. When the black snake is so ferocious that it intends to flood the city and turn the earth into a flooded country, countless human beings will turn into water demons and they will die in peace. She bravely stood up. Truong Ninh also felt moved and sighed. “When it's all over, am I not as good as a snake as a person?” So a great battle broke the world and Zhang Ning went to the Kingdom of Zhujiang. Afterwards, White Snake obtained Soaring Snake's ashes and flew to heaven. I didn't expect to meet each other here today, did she turn into a flying snake? Is she still walking the path of a Buddhist? The power of divine religion is indeed tyrannical, but it is by no means overwhelming. For example, Sitting Tiger once provoked General Niu Dau to chase him, but escaped first, leaving General Niu Dau unable to find him. There are even some powerful creatures that are not even afraid of the incarnation of the bull-headed general. After all, in Fengyue's world, General Niutou could not exert power beyond the Newborn Soul Realm. Unless, like Truong Ninh, the main body is here, only a few more points of power can be distributed. Zhang Ning had no choice but to deal with the Azure Dragon King alone, so he had to separate into three incarnations. Therefore, there are places where the power of Shintoism cannot be touched. The general situation is that the power of local religion is stronger where there are many humans, and the power of god religion is weaker. In this Tianbo Mountains, demons are rampant, and there are very few people. The Tianyuan and Shenjiao courts joined forces, and they could only ensure certain official paths could be safely passed. Those who don't dare to take the main road should take the small road over the mountains or over the mountains. Not someone as highly skilled as Zhang Ning, or they can only ask for blessings. There is a cave where Zhang Ning found breath. Among the rising and falling mountain peaks, this cave is not surprising, it can even be seen everywhere. Because there are many monsters in the Tianbo Mountains. Even the little demon in the spirit realm knows that it needs to find a comfortable cave for itself to live in. This cave is three or four meters high, seven or eight meters wide, located on the mountainside. In front there is a cliff of more than a dozen feet, flowing through the cave, turning into a waterfall, pouring down. Eight people came to this cave, and Bai Shujing was among them. Bai Shujing is still the same, with gentle eyes and Buddha-like temperament, like a female Bodhisattva. But at this moment, Bai Shujing's face was pale, his vitality was weak, and his body was weak. Although there were no injuries, there must have been other injuries. What's even more strange is that Bai Shujing exudes the dictatorial aura of the Jindan Kingdom. It must be known that Bai Shujing and Zhang Ning only broke up after twenty or thirty years. Why is she so domineering? Could it be the ashes of the Flying Snake, giving her the power of Flying Snake? The snake rose up riding the mist, and finally turned into ashes. And the flying snake can also be reborn after turning into ashes. With Bai Shujing, there were monks, jade-faced young masters, all kinds of people, the only thing they had in common was the domineering aura of the Jin Dan realm, everyone was injured. This group of people were injured and fled in panic, and Bai Shujing was probably the most seriously injured among them. One of the women dressed in red fell from the sky with Bai Shujing in her chest, she glanced at the cave and said to everyone: "Everyone can't bear it anymore, let's rest in the cave this for a moment." The rest agree A sound. Then, the woman in red brought Bai Shujing into the cave. The woman in red frowned, because the cave was full of white bones, all of which were bones of wild beasts. The woman in red waved her right hand, ignited a flame, turned the bones in the cave into ash, and then blew the ashes away. He spread the blanket on the ground and helped Bach Thu Kinh sit down. "Sister Bai, you should rest here first." Putting Bai Shujing down, the woman in red took out a bottle of medicine from Qiankun's bag, took out one pill and gave it to Bai Shujing. Bai Shujing was very weak. After swallowing the pill, she nodded to the woman in red, then began to circulate the Buddha Yuan in her body and regulate her breathing. After the woman in red finished dealing with Bai Shujing, she walked out of the cave, and the other six people sat cross-legged outside the cave, and one of the Taoists inside formed a formation. But everyone knows this lineup is only on paper. Because the character chasing them this time was really too powerful, or they didn't chase them, but were just playing cat and mouse. They are all from ordinary monks. Monks from ordinary backgrounds not only have less fighting power than disciples of major sects, but also do not have a solid foundation. Every time they advance, they are There needs to be a great opportunity. The path of ordinary cultivation is destined to be a thorny path. They met each other by chance on an adventure, and then they arranged to go together to Luochahai, that chaotic place, to look for opportunities. After all, compared to order, chaos can make them stand out. But on the way, they encountered a jade-faced fox king. The jade-faced fox king began to chase them without saying a word. No reason, no reason. Just keep chasing and killing. The jade-faced fox king chased them all the way and for unknown reasons chased them to the Tianbo Mountains. "How now?" The woman in red came out of the cave and asked solemnly. "There is no way. Now people are fighting for swords and I am a fish. We are basically no match for the jade-faced fox. This fox king is both cunning and strong, quite famous among young people. the entire Fengyue world of newborn babies." A man in black smiled bitterly and said that he was seriously injured. There was a long and narrow wound on his chest. Although he stammered to stop the bleeding, he could still feel the horror. . in there. Everyone was silent. The jade-faced fox king was a famous existence in the newborn Spirit Realm in the entire Fengyue world. And they are just a bunch of golden cores. Even though they have some strange tricks, they still have no way to deal with this fox king. "Aren't you suspicious? Although the jade-faced fox king has an erratic temper, he chases after us for no reason, like a cat chasing a mouse. Why is it like this? Is it just for fun?" said: "This monk is bald and wears robes, but there is no scar on his head. He is clearly a wild monk." But this extravagant monk also had an extremely pure essence of Buddha Dharma circulating within him. "I have been thinking about this issue for a long time. Although the jade fox king's face is gloomy, he is not that boring. If you want to kill, do it casually, why do you need to chase us so far?" Taoist priest said the handsome man who arranged the formation here. After hesitating for a moment, he said again: "I'm afraid that the jade-faced fox's purpose is to take us somewhere, and maybe even more." again." Terrifying existences are waiting for us ahead." Everyone was silent, with fearful expressions. They had been pursued for a long time, not without trying to escape, and even trying to escape individually. But in the end, they were brought together by the jade-faced fox king, and they continued towards the Tianbo mountains. Everyone felt that something was wrong before, but now they heard the handsome Taoist say finished, like paper on a window being torn. There must be a great horror waiting for them ahead. "Perhaps there is a demon in front of us, an injured great demon, after all Our kind kills monsters for internal medicine, sells skin and meat. Monsters also devour humans to increase their cultivation. The eight of us have eight internal pills, relics, and are covered in blood. If there is a big demon beast in front that is really injured and needs to be treated, we will have a delicious meal." Someone smiled bitterly. said. The more you analyze, the closer it seems to the truth. They were just a group of ordinary cultivators intending to go to Raksha Sea to try their luck. On the way, for some reason, they bumped into each other. Jade fox king, was chased and killed by this big monster that is also very famous in the Nguyen Anh Realm in Phong Nguyet world. Is it a game? Is it really the empathetic jade-faced fox? Right now. Even a great demon isn't too boring, right? Whether a monk or a demon, time is precious. On the road to immortality, if you succeed, you will live forever, and if you fail, you will become ashes. Very few people waste time in the game, and those who waste time in the game are all extremely scary and powerful existences. Even though this jade-faced fox king moody, cunning, strong, and cruel, but he doesn't seem crazy. In front of him there really could be a demon, or a great demon, a wounded great demon that needs blood and food to heal, or a demon. Thinking of this, everyone felt a chill down their spines, and the hair on their neck stood up. With backgrounds of ordinary cultivators, able to cultivate to the golden core, this group of people are also people who have experienced great turmoil, and they are the main characters in their own story. But no one wants to be eaten like a delicious meal, and there is no way to escape a powerful demon king in the newborn Spirit Realm. How not to be afraid? How not to despair? At this time. “Who!!!” The black-clothed man first detected an aura rapidly approaching, and couldn't help but raise his head and look towards the west. Soon, the rest also found out, and each couldn't help but use their own tricks. For a moment filled with color, precious light soared into the sky. But it's hard to hide the excitement. It seemed the truth was approaching, the truth in their conjectures. Ahead is a big demon, or a ghost, or even a demon. “I would rather explode the medicinal pill than be eaten by anyone.” The woman in red bit her red lips, a little blood flowed out, making her lips even redder. "If this is true, then the other party may not give you the opportunity to explode your golden core." The man in black said solemnly. Immediately, he frowned and said: "Don't be nervous, he's just a kid." Immediately after that, the man in black looked suspicious again and said: "How can a child in the spirit realm, a demon cow in the spirit realm, dare to be in the Thien Ba mountain range?" God, did they take too long to take their lives? " If there is a problem, there must be a demon. Everyone just breathed a sigh of relief, then became tense again. According to the danger of the Tianbo Mountains, this man and this monster will never go deep into this place, and they should be killed and devoured on the way. Being able to come here proves that even if the opponent is a child, he is not an ordinary child. The opponent's speed is extremely fast . Immediately afterwards, an unusually tall sacred cow appeared in front of everyone, and a young man dressed in white was riding on the back of the cow. It was like a traveling fairy, leisurely and contented. “This buffalo is a dragon.” Everyone thought in their hearts, and were on guard again. This person was naturally Zhang Ning. Zhang Ning looked down at the front of the cave, and the group of people on the cliff seemed thoughtful. Bai Shujing seemed to have encountered something . Zhang Ning admired Bai Shujing very much, and ever since he met her, he had planned to mind her personal affairs. “Niu Er go down, but don't get close to them, lest it lead to understanding wrong." Truong Ninh patted Niu Nhi's head and advised, "Master, why are you looking for them? " Niu Er turned her head in doubt, she had never seen Bach Thu Kinh. "Pa" Zhang Ning patted Niu Er's head again, Niu Er shrunk his neck, simultaneously moved his hooves and hovered over the cliff in front of the seven. “Who are you?” The woman in red, her red sleeves fluttering, holding a sword in her snow-white fingers and shooting it into the sky, said cautiously. "Bai Shujing and I are friends, the woman was treating her wound in the cave, I saw you. It's here, so I went down to take a look. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not looking for trouble for you." Zhang Ning spoke frankly without any unfamiliar issues. The seven people breathed a sigh of relief, but did not relax their guard. The man in black winked. to the woman in red, the woman in red nodded, put her sword back, turned back into the cave, interrupted Bach Thu Tinh who was adjusting her breathing. Bai Shujing also felt Zhang Ning, she was very surprised and smiled wryly. After When adjusting for short breaths, Bai Shujing could barely walk. She walked out of the cave and said to Truong Ninh: "Young Master Truong, long time no see." After saying that, Bach Thu Tinh stroked her hair The wind blew in front of her, sighed and said: "I... I'm afraid we will lose each other this time." Zhang Ning was deeply impressed with Bai Shujing, and vice versa, Bai Shujing was deeply impressed with Zhang Ning? The slash with that sword was filled with demonic energy, and its fierce power was unparalleled. Slashing the entire world with just one blow was truly amazing. Even though it was a small world, even though it can be a weakness in the world. But Thien Kinh being able to do such a thing is truly an extremely scary thing. When Bai Shujing left Daqi World, Zhang Ning's whereabouts were unknown. Bai Shujing thought that Zhang Ning would die in endless space, but did not expect to meet her here. This proves that Zhang Ning's luck is very terrible. The moment of reunion was a bit of a surprise, but more of a sigh. If we met in normal times, we would both sit down and talk to each other, talking about the experiences of the past twenty years. Talk about fighting side by side against the black snake back then. But now they are being chased and killed by the famous jade-faced fox king. However, Zhang Ning's appearance at this time will naturally affect Chi Yu and his life will be lost. Just go to hell together. "That's not necessarily the case." Truong Ninh smiled, then glanced at Bach Thu Tinh and said: "Twenty years ago you were still in Thien Gioi, twenty years later you were Kim Dan, your experience in the past twenty years must have been extremely interesting." .Let's have a drink and talk."

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    Ling Langya is now gradually aware of the dangers in the world, and he doesn't want to mention the past too much, he just said: "In the past, someone taught me, but he left and didn't teach me how to do it. I thought, now I'm no different from an orphan", although I didn't say much, the sadness was still there in my heart.

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    The full moon was bright and clear, and the stars were brilliant. A crescent moon rose from the magic knife, black as ink, evil energy surging. The cambered bullet flew north, where it passed in smoke. As the meniscus straightens and eventually disappears. What remains is a giant footprint, a giant rift valley. This is the great horror. As the smoke cleared, the creatures on both sides of the Great Rift Valley responded, for a moment birds flew into the sky, animals panicked and in chaos. This powerful force has not yet surpassed the level of Nguyen Anh, but is absolutely different from normal Nguyen Anh. Even though it was the Golden Core realm, Huo Shanming and the others could still feel the difference. They were immersed in shock and could not extricate themselves for a long time. A long time later, Hoac Son Minh had time to react. When he looked up, Truong Ninh had gone. Huo Shanming couldn't help but ask Bai Shujing, "Who is he, and who are you, Miss Bai?" Huo Shanming's words made the Jin Dan present sober up, and his eyes focused on Bai Shujing, causing Everyone remained amazed, and curious again. Such a person certainly does not wait for anything. Zhang Ning's claim that he could deal with the jade-faced fox king was definitely not boasting, or was Zhang Ning a master of the New Soul Realm hiding his true strength? And is he still the leading expert among the Newborn Souls? The power of Zhang Ning Demonic Slash comes from the magical sword, but this group of golden cores is indistinguishable. Even Bai Shujing knew that Zhang Ning was the king of Chu Jiang, but she was still surprised by this extremely exaggerated knife for a long time, only then did she reply: “He is standing in the clouds, and we need to keep an eye on Him. And I'm just an ordinary Buddhist." At this time, Lady Bach clasped her hands and chanted Buddha's name: "Amitabha, let's continue our journey to Rakshahai." "Okay." Hoac Son Minh and the others were silent for a while. for a moment and then nodded. They were not satisfied with Bai Shujing's answer, but they did not intend to pursue it any further, because Zhang Ning was clearly not someone they could arbitrarily provoke. Zhang Ning riding on Niu Er, Niu Er's four hooves were windy, and he carried Zhang Ning to the Lord's capital. The reason why Zhang Ning took Bai Shujing back to Huo Shanming and the others, and swung his sword to "one sword kill the devil", was to prove that he had the ability to kill the Fox King's jade-faced fox king. Simply put, it just made Huo Shanming and the others trust Bai Shujing again. Now Now that the incident was over, Truong Ninh naturally would not continue the journey with a group of Jin Dan. But his intuition told Zhang Ning that sooner or later he and Bai Shujing would meet again. Everyone is different. During the decades of Zhang Ning's life, he met many people. In the end, many people will turn to dust and become tiny existences in Zhang Ning's long memory. But some people are different. People like Bai Shujing, Yan Ziyun and Li Yuanba will reach extremely high heights, and they will definitely meet each other in their long lives. The so-called heavens and ten thousand realms are actually nothing more than big waves washing away sand and dust. In the end, all rivers and streams are included, and the last chosen people are all elite people, and they are all sons of heaven. "Master, why are you leaving in such a hurry? Sister Phi Yen still has a lot of medicinal pills." Niu Nhi turned his head and looked at Truong Ninh angrily. She promised Zhang Ning that as long as Zhang Ning could take care of the meal, she would stop asking for money. But isn't Zhang Ning still out of control now? She can badmouth the pill in Feiyan's Qiankun bag. "Wait until the capital, I'll make you something to eat." Truong Ninh said helplessly. "Alright." Niu Er was much happier, striding forward with all her strength, continuing to walk towards Shendu. Shendu is the capital of the Tianyuan Kingdom and has a very high status in the Tianyuan Kingdom. The Ly family's royal family of Thien Nguyen country is absolutely not simple. The royal family, plus the families surrounding the royal family, the students affiliated with the royal family, Nguyen Anh in the entire Thien Nguyen country, there are not many Kim Dan experts. The giant city of God's Capital was not an idle city for mortals. The city is so big that I don't know how many miles it is, and even the most ordinary people living in the city are in paradise. The powerful aura makes it so that there are very few truly normal people in this world. The aura of the gods is even stronger than in normal places. Existing in such circumstances, it is extremely easy for humans to reach the heavenly realm. The tall and majestic city was like an enlarged version of the small world capital Daqi, but it was completely different. It must have an invisible structure inside, and its defense must be extremely strong. Flying over Shendu was forbidden, so Zhang Ning let Niu Er fall from the sky. In front of the city gate, it was noisy and bustling. The flow of people going in and out of the city is bustling. Among them, the mortal world is just the most popular, among which there are many small masters like Kim Dan, and Vien Anh has never seen it. There is no entrance fee to enter the city. Zhang Ning led Niu Er to avoid losing the cow and followed the bustling crowd into Shendu city. This was Zhang Ning's first time visiting Shendu, so he was naturally unfamiliar. Although he knew that Ly Xiu Kong's villa was called Prince E's Mansion, it was difficult to find him with a black eye, so he inquired about it, then went to Ly Xiu Kong's villa. . Because flying is prohibited in the city, you must move on your feet. Moreover, Shendu city is very big, very big, so after Zhang Ning entered the city, it took a lot of time to reach the outside of Li Xiukong's villa. The sky was dark and sunset had come. Standing in front of Zhang Ning was "Prince E's Mansion", with a vast gate, a family as rich as blood, and a sign with golden characters on a black background, sparkling with gold. There is a team of guards standing in front of the door, really circulating, they are very powerful, and their cultivation is good. Truong Ninh's eyes flashed, he turned to the group of armored guards and cupped his hands: "I am Truong Ninh, a friend of King E, please come as a guest, please take your leave." These guards were also wary of Zhang Ning, but they were not listening to the wind or the rain. Because this is the capital of the gods, royal power is everywhere. No one was willing to attack a palace in the city, and although the fifth prince, King E, had high status, he actually had very little influence. Even the fifth prince, if he wants to have power, he needs to reach Nguyen Anh. Because of this, they restrained Zhang Ning, who suddenly appeared. Although Zhang Ning was really strange, he led a cow himself. Wait, this cow doesn't seem so simple. The guards saw that Niu Er was special. Niu Er was a little unhappy so he glared at the guards. In the group of guards, someone stepped forward, clasped his hands and said: "The master is not in the palace, young master, please wait a moment, I will inform the general manager." . The guard immediately turned around and entered the palace. Not long after, he saw a pale-faced eunuch with a shaggy beard coming out. Eunuchs are not only used in the royal palace, princes and grandfathers in the royal family are also qualified to use eunuchs. This eunuch must be the general manager the guards are talking about. The department head was skeptical, because he was not impressed with Truong Ninh. Li Xiukong did not mention anything to the CEO. Suddenly hearing that Ly Tu Khong had a friend named Truong Ninh, I was very confused. But there is one thing, Ly Tu Khong is very good at making friends. A person claiming to be Li Xiukong's friend visited him, which was nothing particularly out of the ordinary. No one would be foolish enough to pretend to be King E Li Xiukong's friend in God's capital, and go to E Prince's mansion, right? However, the general manager was still a bit cautious. He first bowed: "Slave Zhang Fugui, I have met Mr. Zhang." Then he asked: “Please forgive me for insulting me, I don't know how my master knows Brother Zhang? " Zhang Ning knew, this was a clever expression of doubts about his identity. Zhang Ning was a bit strange, when we parted, Li Xiukong sincerely invited him to the Capital as a guest, If he comes back, he should entrust his servant with some advice. But now the eunuch seems to know nothing about him. It seems like something happened? Zhang Ning said silently in his heart, but Still smiling gently on his face, he said: "We met when the Dragon King was three thousand years old." Truly a new friend, and able to attend the old Dragon King's ceremony. Birthday party, identity Zhang Ning's appearance was also completely extraordinary. After confirming his identity for a while, the chief steward became even more enthusiastic and bent down to invite: "Master has entered the palace, but is not in the palace, please invite Mr. Truong in." sitting in the palace with old slaves." "Okay." Zhang Ning nodded and said. Then the general manager led Truong Ninh into the palace. The palace was magnificent and luxurious. After a while, the general manager led Truong Ninh to a nearby hall and sat down. Niu Er is outside. The northern side room has two chairs, in the middle is a tea table. There are lots of chairs and coffee tables on the east and west sides. The eunuch invited Zhang Ning to sit down on one of the two chairs on the north side, and ordered the palace maids to serve tea and cakes. The CEO did not dare to sit down and stood in front of Zhang Ning. He has good eloquence, and some small talk will not be cold. Truong Ninh put down the teacup, picked up a piece of cake, put it in his mouth, and slowly chewed and swallowed. It tastes quite good. “What happened to Shendu recently?” Zhang Ning asked calmly. “Nothing, everything is as usual.” The general manager shook his head, then looked at Truong Ninh suspiciously, not knowing why. Zhang Ning smiled and did not continue this topic, but talked to the general manager. About half an hour later, Ly Tu Khong returned. Zhang Ning glanced at Li Xiukong and immediately noticed the difference. Not appearance. Of course, Li Xiukong's appearance has also undergone some changes, and his outfit is more dignified and royal. And his cultivation has improved a bit. But that's normal, after all, he is the Fifth Prince, has many resources, and good talent. For ordinary practitioners like Hoac Son Minh, reaching the Golden Dan means having to fight to know the hardships and dangers. But for someone like Li Xiukong, getting to Jindan can be as easy as eating. Although Ly Tu Khong has changed a bit, his attitude remains the same. He hurriedly walked in. As soon as he saw Truong Ninh, he let out a long breath. She cupped her hands and said: "Brother Zhang, I really didn't pay attention to you. I invited you as a guest, but I forgot to tell my servant to entertain you." a smile. Sure enough, he forgot the invitation, but under normal circumstances, this would be impossible, unless something else big happened, involving Ly Tu Khong's energy. This is why Zhang Ning just asked the CEO about major events in Shendu City. The manager next to him showed a strange look and also breathed a sigh of relief. He saw Zhang Ning at first and was puzzled, but after learning that Zhang Ning had attended the old Dragon King's birthday party, he guessed that Zhang Ning's origin was unusual. But I didn't expect Ly Tu Khong to value Truong Ninh so much. The general manager has been with Ly Tu Khong for many years, knowing very well the temperament of this King E. Although he is sophisticated in all aspects, ordinary people really cannot understand Ly Tu Khong's eyes. and those who can see him differently are very rare. This Mr. Zhang's origin is terrifying, and I'm afraid it's more than he guessed. Ly Tu Khong did not give the general director a chance to speculate and waved for the general director to go down. After that, he seriously said to Truong Ninh: "Brother Truong. Unexpected, truly unexpected. Although I really hope you can escape from Thanh Long's hands, I sincerely invite you to come to Than Do to do it." guests. But I did not invite." I hope you really have escaped Qinglong's grip." An emotional feeling came from the bottom of my heart. Azure Dragon King is not an ordinary person at all, he is strong, cruel, domineering and brash, and is also an unpleasant character in the entire Fengyue world. Zhang Ning killed the Qinglong King's son. He thought that Zhang Ning was in danger, but unexpectedly he escaped the trap. Ly Tu Khong returned from the palace and heard that Truong Ninh was coming to visit. It was really complicated. Both happy and shocked. Ly Tu Khong immediately couldn't bear it, tilted his head and asked: "Brother Truong, how will this matter be resolved?" Truong Ninh did not want to say more about this matter, just smiled and said: "Baby." Brother, although I trust Ly Nguyen Ba's reputation, just participating in the Dragon King's birthday banquet does not mean I am an ordinary person." Ly Tu Khong heard these words and automatically made up his mind. very peerless. . He glanced at the magic knife on Zhang Ning's belt, this knife was so powerful that even the person from Tianbao Pavilion gave the gold medal from Tianbao Pavilion to Zhang Ning. How does one like that there might be no foundation? I'm afraid that there is a terrifying force behind it, and this force may even surpass Taolin Temple. Anyway, I'm afraid there is no knife in Taolin Temple could make Tianbao Pavilion give out a gold medal. Truong Ninh immediately chatted with Ly Tu Khong for a while. When Ly Tu Khong learned that Truong Ninh was on his way to Lac Sat Hai, he was not very angry, but just took advantage of it. time to go to Than Do to visit him. "Brother Truong, why did you go to Lac Sat Hai? That place is extremely dangerous." Ly Tu Khong asked curiously. "But something happened." This matter has nothing to hide, Truong Ninh hid the truth about killing the demon dragon, briefly talking about the story. "Master Zhishang of Baiyun Temple, also a top powerhouse, has disappeared in Luochahai, and there is also a prominent monk who was fascinated by Buddha." Li Xiuk's face appeared serious. The divine dragon, the city god, Master Zhishang, that eminent monk. But all were at the level of the Newborn Soul. Although Li Xiukong had seen many Primordial realms since he was a child, he It's rare to see Primordial Souls fighting. Anyway, he is too weak, if he is affected just a little he can die. But Zhang Ning is also miraculous, in Yongning River Long Palace, he has a feud with Qinglong King to kill his son, but escaped safely. Then, when I arrived at Bach Van Nunnery, I may have encountered such a big thing. “Brother Zhang, your life is really good.” Ly Tu Khong couldn't help but sigh. Truong Ninh smiled, not saying much, then asked: "What trouble do you seem to have encountered?"