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    The call was made by Gangcun Shisan. Two military agents injured at the Jiangcheng Station of the Military Command knew they could not escape so in a small hotel they shot grenades and died with the Japanese military police who came to search for them. Two Japanese military police and three policemen, two Japanese military police and four policemen suffered varying degrees of injuries.

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    Takagi Hirohiro originally thought that the people of the Military Control Department were not expecting it, but it turned out that they not only paid attention but also arranged it with a goal, thereby finding the intelligence team through investigative methods.

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    Everyone knows that Truong Quang Kiet Chi is Nami Toshiro's confidant, the most trustworthy direct descendant, with Nami Toshiro as a gendarmerie major general protecting him, he is as strong as the Thai Son mountain.

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    As a high-ranking general of the Japanese army, he naturally knew many high-level secrets. Even when the United States imposed control measures on steel resources, Japan did not act because of this. act hastily, because the upcoming war will require a lot of oil. The US government has not banned the export of oil and aviation fuel.

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    Masanobu Tsuji is a rather undisciplined guy who is always self-centered in his work. When he has nothing to do, he begins to collect information and research about the tropical environment and characteristics of the East. South Asia, this is a good time to kill time.

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    "Whether it is Miao Fengchi, Tong Guozhong or Qiao Hongnian, they are all subordinates of Chang Yuqing, your confidants and your direct descendants. Without your support and encouragement, how can they have the courage to go to the Secret Service. Are you tired? are you working?" Hua Due Duong asked.

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    "Report boss, I have successfully executed Kieu Hong Nien's death sentence, I am here to return to you!" Tan Thoi Chieu bowed and said.

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    From the window of the office on the second floor, Zhang Maoxian saw the Secret Service car speeding into the yard despite the police stationed at the gate, and an aggressive young man got out of the car and walked straight towards the office building. room.In trouble.

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    Here's what he knows about you. Speaking of which, Sirius appreciates your abilities and thinks you are a brave and cunning Japanese spy. Someone of your caliber wouldn't use the troops under the third theater around the station, that's a stupid way to ask about news. The simplest solution is to open a hole inside the headquarters. As long as people have weaknesses, they can be taken advantage of. Combat personnel and intelligence personnel, during operations, they Can't even leave the headquarters, can't even contact them."

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    "I repeat, wisdom is key, action is key, this is a principle that must be followed. The resistance war can last for many years before the dawn of victory. Cultivate deeply, be careful to sleep peacefully, and that is the mind." that a potential organization should have." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    Not only do we need to eat, everyone in the family also has to eat, parents, wives and children of five people, maintaining the minimum consumption level must also triple, 10,000 stone is not enough, at least 30,000 to 40,000 shi Rice can only be used for one day. year and I think it must continue to increase. If you don't have money, you can go to the city government or police department, and you can't even eat. enough, how can you care about your work?” Kawamoto Yoshitaro said. Grain prices on the Shanghai stock market changed rapidly, increasing as fast as a dike breaking. At the end of February, the black market was still more than 200 yuan in French currency for each grain of rice, but after February 3, in just one week, the price of rice suddenly doubled or tripled. On March 9, it increased to 300 yuan per kilo of rice, on the 14th it increased to 400 yuan per kilo of rice, on the 15th it increased to 600 yuan per kilo of rice! What kind of concept is this? As for the current salary of workers on the Shanghai stock market, they are just over 40 yuan per month, calculated at the black market price, the hard-earned money in a month cannot buy seven yuan. weigh rice! The puppet Wang government distributed flat rice to people in Shanghai to stabilize prices, but what about the distribution of flat rice in March? It can only be described in four words, it's a drop in the bucket! According to regulations, each resident of the Shanghai stock market can buy one liter of rice and one liter of broken rice every week, the price of rice is two yuan per liter and broken rice is one yuan seventy cents per liter. One liter of rice is roughly equal to one and a half kilos. In other words, each person can only buy three kilos of plain rice a week. This amount of rice is not enough to drink porridge, let alone eat half of it. full. The reason why grain prices on the Shanghai stock market increased sharply was clearly understood by everyone present. The main reason was because the Japanese army plundered grain in central China too harshly, cutting off the supply. grain supply on the Shanghai stock market. Mi cannot enter the Shanghai stock market. Several important rice production areas in the three provinces of Jiangnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui were designated as military food collection areas for the Japanese army. also eat rice as a staple, supported by pasta as a supplement. Second, the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui also encountered a severe drought in the north and south that had never happened in a century. Rice output decreased sharply, and civilians did not have enough to eat. Then there was the looting and looting by local authorities and village reclamation committees, as well as speculation by unscrupulous traders, private Japanese traders who traded rice and sold it in the areas. occupied North China and South China to gain huge profits, etc. Kawamoto Yoshitaro of course knew that Hua Due Duong did not buy rice to protect the lives of the police, it was just an excuse, I'm afraid the thief This is selling food, right now as long as you have food in hand, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. The police have special food rations that barely meet the needs of life, unlike civilians, to the point of starvation. This is a violent tool to maintain propriety. or security forces, it must be resolved in groups. But he did not stop this kind of behavior, there were not a few Japanese merchants doing this type of business, and he did not receive a penny of the money those people earned. But Xu Ruiyang was different. The monthly profits of this Bach Nga social club alone made him hiccup. Of course, Tsukamoto Kiyoshi and Nagamitsu Jiezhi will not object, Xu Ruiyang's money is equal to the gendarmerie's earnings, they will naturally benefit. You're right, I also have a plan to mobilize a sum of money to store food, but I'm also worried that no one will understand such an action and will easily be criticized by some people. Crime of market order." Hua Due Duong said with a smile.

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    "After the siege by the Japanese army, the guerrillas are currently lacking medicine, food and funds. The wounded brothers still need some nutritional supplements, these must be resolved as soon as possible." the better." Ruan Qingyuan said.

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    Rangers of the Military Control Department and people from the Inspectorate Office of the 3rd Theater Command surrounded the hotel layer by layer, and the Japanese spies inside had no chance of escape.

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    The behavior of the Secret Service Headquarters not only tarnished the image of the Jinling government but also the image of the Imperial Army, and became a potential threat to the Empire on the Shanghai stock market. Since the Secret Service Headquarters obtained a lot from the empire, such things naturally had to move forward. Do it, you can't do this, you can't do that, the empire keeps them there. What's the benefit? Najian Minlang said with a cold smile.

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    On March 21, things finally got serious, Lou Tianquan, the design director of the Shanghai Branch of the Central Reserve Bank, was assassinated by agents of the Jiang Anhua brigade shortly after when leaving home at 8 am. reward him with 5,000 yuan.

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    Because counterfeit notes of the new French currency were so numerous that even bank employees could hardly tell them apart, many businessmen were deceived and illegal profiteers in areas controlled by the National The controlling populist party even bought fake money from Japan at cheap prices to seek huge profits and cause a national disaster.

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    "Similarly, Mr. Tu and General Ly must both follow the empire's strategic decisions. We cannot take drastic actions now. If there is such an order, you must first ask me." confirm, otherwise you will end up." will suffer!"

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    If it receives Xu Ruiyang's support, the situation of Ruan Qingyuan department will change a lot, the energy of the head of the China Central district of the Shanghai stock market is amazing, for him that said, a lot of problems are just problems in one sentence. Such a problem, perhaps now Xu Ruiyang hates Ruan Qingyuan so much that he grits his teeth.

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    "It's not that he doesn't know. The Northern Chinese Imperial Army will not deal with it. He must sincerely take action, understand clearly from all sides, and then act."